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Chayachitrakar.com is providing commercial wedding photography in Mumbai since 2000. We are familiar with all of the wedding venues as we have been in business for over 15 years and have designed over 1,000 wedding albums.

Ninad Chaudhari, Owner and Creative Director of Chayachitrakar.com, is always ahead of the trends as he travels to major international trade shows for inspiration. We have a team of 10 highly trained professional photographers for you, each of our photographers brings unique experience to their work in a variety of photographic genres, from photo documentation and journalism to travel, fashion, fine art and beauty. We have a team of professional re-touchers to finish off your master piece and all of our graphic artists are in-house, allowing us more control over your finished product. A diverse collection of talent, We work in concert with other fanatics with specialist skills, such as makeup artists, graphic artists and album printers who band together to deliver projects to our clients.

Don’t settle for a mediocre wedding photographer just because of a low price! We believe in honesty and keeping our clients informed. We ask you please take the time and enjoy our site and have a careful read through all of the information as it will answer everything you need to know.

About Ninad Chaudhari

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I am Ninad Chaudhari. I'm a self taught freelance photographer based in Mumbai. I see myself as a professional observer. Bringing positive energy to every photo shoot, I artfully capture the fleeting and joyful moments of life. When hired, I record real moments of life without altering or influencing them. My photography is honest, sincere, and intimate. I record life, just as it is.

Since I was a child, I have taken photographs of everyday moments and small happenings in my life, and assembled the photos chronologically into albums. The albums make up bits and pieces of my life story, and tell a bit about who I am, from my perspective. I look back at the albums to remember the joyous moments that have brought me to where I stand today. My life's work is creating photographs and albums that tell stories of happenings in the lives of my clients.

I fell in love with photography back in 2000, and have found it to be a consuming passion ever since. It is a great pleasure to be able to work with people of all ages and backgrounds to record their special moments and events. Since my early days I have devoted myself to photography in many forms - fine-art, documentary, portraiture. I strive to bring out each client's personality in my photos and to tell the story and spirit of each special day through my albums and coverage.